vendredi 5 août 2011

Le 'chose' cocktail

Time to wax philosophical from la chaise longue. Question: What do we ask of a summer drink? Answer: We ask that it be as tantalizing as a summer fruit, as inviting as a swimming pool, and at least as sparkling as our personality. If it happens to be pink on top of that, so much the better, am I right? And while I could rhapsodize over the appetizing quality of the color pink, I will instead pay homage to my favorite summer drink, a two-ingredient ticket to the shores of utter refreshment. Le chose, pronounced /shOz/, is a blend of citrus tonic (like Schweppes) and grapefruit juice. Yes, as the French would say, "C'est tout bête!" Choose your loveliest cocktail glass; add a little crushed ice; pour in the pamplemousse first, followed by the bubbly. Imbibe the sweet and sour fizzy pinkness. Aaahhh, sublime. Tchin tchin, mon amie.

la chaise longue: lounge chair

"C'est tout bete!": (literally "It's completely dumb") this is an expression that means "It's ridiculously easy!"

pamplemousse: grapefruit

"tchin tchin" /cheen cheen/: cheers!

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