samedi 18 juin 2011

Are you In?

In the pink, that is?
Cause I've found it, by Georges! The theme of our blog.
(And a big thanks goes out to 'Georges', source of the first vignette to christen this site.)

La Vie en (Rose)...

1. Why the parentheses?
Cause this site chooses a new color as its theme periodically. Creativity thrives on a constraint, and color will be ours. Your only rule: see the world through one particular shade, and celebrate it from your corner of the planet. I'll do the same. Post anything fun and theme-worthy: anecdotes, vignettes, music and especially images! Within one color of the rainbow, the sky is the limit.

2. Why pink?
Alas, it is the color I've never taken seriously--a color almost absent from my own wardrobe, a color that gets stuck between one's teeth and chips off one's fingernails. And yet, it is the shade that represents health, femininity, and all things sweet. Virginia farm pink is bound to be different from Marseille inner-city pink. And that is the joy of this project. So, gimme lemonade, gimme piglets, gimme watermelon and cherry cream soda. When at last we've milked pink for all it's worth, you'll choose the new color theme and the new look of our blog.

Ready Miss B? Go!
:) Kate

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